We are delighted to share our catering guide with you! From morning breakfast buffets and freshly brewed coffee to a casual feast and elegant hors d’oeuvres, our catering guide is filled with fresh and contemporary menus. These represent only a starting point, however. Our commitment to you is to customize menus as needed for any occasion. Whether your event is a student event, a breakfast meeting, a faculty luncheon or a retirement party, you will find that we offer fresh ingredients, creative preparations, elegant presentation, and thoughtful service. We would be pleased to help you design a menu for your next event. For more information or to make an appointment please contact:

External Catering & Dining Services Process – Effective 09/14/21


The purpose of this process is to inform the University Community that Bridgewater Dining should be considered first for catering support on campus. This consideration strengthens our partnership with Sodexo in providing the best food service possible. All requests for external catering should be provided to Bridgewater Dining with a carbon copy provided to University Services. If it is determined that Bridgewater Dining can not provide the service & support required at a competitive price, external vendors may be contacted.


The External Catering Approval Form is in place for external events that Bridgewater Dining is unable to support. Please submit the External Catering Approval Form to Bridgewater Dining at at least five business days before your scheduled event.

As a reminder, individuals and departments are not allowed to purchase or order food from outside vendors using the University Pro-Card or requisition process unless it is pre-approved. Lastly, BSU employees are not permitted to use their personal funds and then seek reimbursement through the direct payment process.


Please help us provide the best catering services possible by planning ahead. For your convenience, we have included the link for the ordering website below. 


Questions regarding this process should be directed to Bridgewater Dining at or (508) 531-2164.

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